Friday, 27 August 2010

Knock Knock...................................

                                                          First Impressions count

One of the first things you will notice about a house is it's front door.
I think sometimes we overlook this, and the thought of changing or even just painting our front door doesn't even occur to us. Also the thought of perhaps pushing the boundaries and making a real statement with your front door scares a lot of people.
They say your eyes are the window to your soul, I think perhaps the front door is the entrance to the soul of your home. So be bold,don't let colour scare you, why not paint your door a vivid,shocking shade,it's sure to put a smile on your and your neighbours face everyday. Throughout history colour has been closely linked to changing humans emotions and creating different moods.So surely by painting your front door in a colour that you are fond of it will make you feel happier everyday.Also the idea of a sense of unity if you and your neighbours were all to paint your front doors in a colour to reflect your personalities.Perhaps if you were to pose the question it would make them think "why have I never thought of painting my front door in a colour I love?". Why indeed? Paint is cheap,easy to do,easy to change,and provides an instant face lift to your house.

  I love how each home owner has painted their front door in their desired colour and although they don't match this only somehow adds to the charm and helps to reflect each individuals life which is going on within each home.

I thought I would show you a few of my favorite front doors, so here are my top 5!!!!!

    1. I like the way these doors are uniformed and how the the green of the plants acts as a contrast against the blue.

    2. Bringing a little ray of sunshine into your life everyday
    3. How about introducing a stained glass window front door with a vivid shade of paint on the wood, not only does the stained glass reflect in your hallway but it adds a beautiful feature to the front of your
    4. Now I had to get a pink front door in here, as I do love something pretty in pink!! Pink raised panel front door at a Palm Springs, CA home! This brings to mind retro 1950's living.
    5. My last door, is of a muted red door,I liked this image because it showed you a glimpse inside the home,and how the door reflected what is inside!
    So why not paint your door your favorite colour, if it was me I would paint mine a gorgeous turquoise, so it reminded of the ocean and made me smile everyday!!

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  1. I have a house with three doors... Do I paint the doors the same color? Do I dare to pick three colors?